Bring the power of SAS Visual Analytics to mobile with the goal of ‘design once and view everywhere’


Target enterprise leaders who need business insight on the go. I served as user experience designer for a business intelligence reporting ecosystem that was made available on a variety of platforms.


We created apps for iOS and Android that deliver interactive, secure reports to business users on the go. The apps are currently available in both app stores.

I design-managed the user experience strategy for SAS Mobile BI on iOS, Android and Blackberry (note that the Blackberry part of the project was short-lived).

  • To ensure consistency across various platforms, we identified common flows and use cases and then adapted them to the required platform’s paradigm. This ensured that key interactions were common across the ecosystem yet the apps felt native on the mobile devices.
  • To achieve the goal of design once and view everywhere, I envisioned methods for mobile reports to include native mobile interactions despite being designed with desktop browsers.  For example, mouse interactions adapted to the screen sizes and interaction paradigms like touch on mobile platforms. 
  • To make complex reporting interactions understandable, I made sure users could do no harm by tapping and swiping inside the report. I brought common actions to the surface and made sure it was as easy as possible for the user to make the right choices.
  • We had to work within the boundaries of what was available from our server. This meant we had to be creative about how and when we enhanced the app.

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