Make the physical digital.


Target a growing market segment that wanted a rich multimedia playback and capture by providing them with a product that was uniquely designed for their needs and use cases.


While collaborating with an extremely talented team of engineers and designers, we created a unique mobile phone that was focused on media playback and capture.

The ROKR E8 featured a dynamic keypad that reacts or "morphs" in response the user interface and the actions the user takes. The keypad was capable of showing and hiding a sets of keys for tasks like music playback and camera.

We encountered a few problems along the way as this product was the first of its kind, but for every problem we created innovative solutions.

  • To give users the illusion of physicality, we created a flat keypad with subtle micro-bumps that provided tactile registration marks for accessibility and reinforced those tactile cues with haptic responses.
  • To make an aging user interface intelligent enough to communicate context and user intention to the hardware, we documented a series of user scenarios and state machines that managed the state of the keyboard.
  • As as a result of this project, we created a delightful surprise and engaging product that elicited delight and surprise from our users and created some important intellectual property for Motorola.